Marko Gotovac


My love for handcrafting started in my early days when I got my first formula racing craft kit. Since then, I have been building all sorts of models, from airplanes to boats. This has served as a stepping stone for my career as a woodcrafter. My greatest work so far has been Gossip – a mahogany speedboat completely hand built with painstaking attention to detail, unique both in appearance and character. Gossip opened so many doors for me and before I knew it I found a new hobby – boating.

Being a skipper helps clearing my mind of everyday hard work and encourages my creativity, which is crucial for my next top-secret project 😉

People usually ask me where do I get the time and energy for everything I do. Well, my answer to them is – we only live once, so I try to have as much fun and laughs as I can and use my days to the fullest.

Hobbies & interests:

Extreme sports – windsurfing
Traveling – Cuba forever
Dancing – salsa

You can see Marko Gotovac on these boats...