Andrea Jurić

Communications specialist
Communications specialist

I`m a Split-born language enthusiast, who enjoys travelling, drinking coffee in the sun and going to Hajduk Split soccer matches (yes, girls can be into that too). Ever since I was a kid, I liked learning new languages and getting to know new cultures. At the moment, I could say that I`m able to lead a simple conversation in about 6 of them. I guess, my career choice as a translator for English and Russian did not come as a surprise.

If I would have to list a few interesting things that I have experienced in my life, that would definitely include cruising the canals and watching the bridges open over the Neva river during the White Nights in Saint-Petersburg, dog-sledding with huskies and casually strolling over the frozen Baltic sea. However, enjoying a lazy day at one of the beaches in Split or having a bear in Matejuška port are my personal favorites.

Hobbies and interests:

Football (soccer) – passionate fan
Traveling – so many places to visit, so little time