Skipper training

You have a skipper licence but you have no experience in navigation?


You have a skipper license, but you have no experience in boating?
You have boating experience, but you haven’t piloted a boat in ages?
You think you could use a bit of practice before exploring our beautiful archipelago?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, our skipper training course is just the right thing for you.

Basic – 40 € per hour

Introduction to all boat features, docking and safety equipment.
Recommended for clients that have experience in boating but need a bit of reminding or clients that are new to the boating world and have chosen an entry-level boat.

Advanced – 200 € per day

Mastering docking maneuvers, learning how to properly tie boating knots and place fenders, getting familiar with electronics on board and becoming prepared for all weather conditions are the crucial tasks of this training.

Spending several days on board with an experienced skipper will make you a pro before you know it.

Always remember! A skipper is someone who is responsible for the boat and everyone in it. A simple skipper training course can help you avoid losing hundreds of euros on a scratched hull, or even worse – getting someone hurt, as well as make a boat ride a stress-free experience for you and your group.


Boat rental and fuel cost are not included in the price.


Basic – 40 € per hour /// Advanced – 200 € per day

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