The town of Hvar and secrets of Brač & Šolta

Enjoy a full day boat trip to Hvar, secret beaches, war tunnels, an underwater ship wreck and much more!

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PRICE INCLUDES: boat ride, professional skipper, fuel, safety gear, snorkeling gear, insurance

Pickup location: Split riviera, Trogir riviera
Max Persons: 12


Spend a day on a private boat tour to Hvar and go off the beaten path on Brač and Šolta – non advertised beaches, amazing snorkeling spot at a shipwreck location and impressive navy tunnels. No other agency will take you to these amazingly beautiful hidden places. A comfortable boat ride and a professional captain will turn your day trip into a super fun experience. If you are not sure if a private boat tour to Hvar and the secrets of Brač and Šolta is the way for you, we offer a selection of day tours so please feel free to find one that suits you better.

The town of Hvar

Our boat tour to the town of Hvar takes you to a gorgeous old city that transforms into a party town when the sun sets. You will get the chance to walk the traffic-free marble streets full of people from all over the world and admire the beauty of ornamented Gothic palaces guarded  by 13th century walls.


Robinson beach

We continue our full day boat excursion to the town of Hvar by taking you to see the Robinson beach. Accessible only by boat, this hundred meters long beach covered in white pebbles is an absolute gem which will leave you at a loss for words. Listen to the sound of waves splashing while you’re soaking up the sun along with agave trees above you or dip yourself into turquoise water. Explore the small cave and all the hidden paths around the beach to find viewpoints of the intact nature at its best. You will literally have the whole beach for yourselves. After enjoying the intact nature, it is time for you to keep discovering secrets of Brač and Šolta on our boat.

Secret navy tunnel

Back in Yugoslavia it was a submarine shelter – an obnoxiously expensive one.
Today, it is a perfectly safe port for small fishing boats.
The easiest way of getting from one side of the tunnel to the other would be the “Tarzan rope swing”. It probably wasn’t their primary goal, but the local fishermen instantly turned the navy project into a playground. Laughs guaranteed.

Stomorska (Šolta)

A picturesque waterfront with its special charm. Lunch time at an old family restaurant with a terrace right next to the water, you can literally step out of the boat onto. Delicious food, reasonable prices and the perfect chill atmosphere is what makes Turanj a no.1 restaurant on Šolta island. *Note: lunch is not included in the price

Necujam (Solta)

Biggest bay of the island and the safest place to shelter the boats from the storm. Nevertheless, Nečujam`s innermost cove hides an old shipwreck. Laying only two meters under the water, an old sailing boat that sank a decade ago makes a perfect snorkeling spot.


08:00Departure from Trogir / Split
08:30 Annual rope-pulling event (short break from driving)
09:15-10:30 Hvar – free time in the town
11:15-12:30 Robinson beach – soaking up the sun and relaxing on the secret beach
12:45-13:30 Secret navy tunnels – Tarzan rope swing (laughs guaranteed)
14:00-16:00 Stomorska – lunch time
16:15-17:15 Nečujam – snorkeling at the shipwreck
18:00 Return to Trogir / Split
Itinerary can be adjusted to weather conditions and your wishes in agreement with your skipper.
Tour is available from any other Central Dalmatian location on request


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