Mysterious island – Historical & Gastro tour – off the beaten path

Step off the beaten path and hop on our historical & gastro tour of a mysterious island on a secret location in Croatia.

Up to 6 persons


Total price

7 and more...


Price per person

PRICE INCLUDES: boat ride, professional skipper, fuel, safety gear, snorkeling gear, insurance

Pickup location: Trogir or Split
Max Persons: 10


We all know Croatia has a lot of interesting tales embedded in its rich history, but, have they all been told? Or are there places and stories still unknown to the general population that will amaze you just as much? You bet there are, and we’re here to prove that!

Step off the beaten path and hop on our historical & gastro tour of a mysterious island on a secret location in Croatia.

High cliffs and secluded bays

After a 45 min speedboat ride from Split or Trogir, we’ll make a stop in one of many breathtaking bays carved in this beautiful island’s huge cliffs. 30 meters deep and surrounded by a magnificent landscape, this place is a true wild nature oasis. A refreshing dip in the water and some sunbathing to properly start the day!

Secret military tunnel labyrinth

As we continue our journey with the rocky island on one side and the open sea on the other, we will stumble upon a bit milder bay, perfect for docking our boat. Just a few steps ahead a mysterious door hides a stairway that leads to complete darkness. Flashlights on! This might sound like level 1 of an adventurous videogame, and believe me, that’s exactly what it feels like! An entire labyrinth of tunnels, with each one leading to its very own cannon pedestal! At this point, you’re remembering every war movie you’ve ever seen while your tour guide talks about the history and purpose the tunnel complex you find yourself exploring hides.
The tunnels are dry, full of fresh air, and the temperature inside is perfect to cool down on a hot summer day.

Mountain goat island and the Blue Oasis

With war stories on our mind and hot sun frying our skin, we move quickly to one of the most beautiful swimming spots in Croatia, passing by a small island with very special inhabitants. A group of mountain goats that get along pretty well with a few cormorants and hundreds of seagulls. Isn’t nature amazing? The answer to that question becomes obvious just moments later when we enter the Blue Oasis area. Turquoise colors of crystal clear sea will leave you speechless. Time to jump in!

Wine tasting and lunch prepared under the bell

At this point, everyone on board is already hungry and can’t wait to taste delicious authentic food, wine, and olive oil.

The host picks us up and after a 15-minute drive in a minivan, we find ourselves in a small village overlooking the whole island. This place is an inevitable spot for every gastro tourist and anyone who is yet to become one.

You will get to enjoy olives and olive oil tasting accompanied by a few words on different traditional Dalmatian flavors. Homebaked bread, olive tapenades, salted anchovies and a few glasses of an authentic wine sort to top it off. Sounds inviting, doesn’t it?

Well, those are just the appetizers.

For the main course – grilled fish (catch of the day) or veal/lamb/chicken under the bell – a rhapsody of taste.


Enjoy the ride back home with a full belly and a smile on your face.


9:00Departure from Trogir/Split
09:45 – 10:30High cliffs and secluded bays
10:45 – 11:45Secret military tunnel labyrinth
12:00 – 13:30Mountain goat island and the Blue oasis
14:00 – 16:30Wine tasting and under the bell lunch
17:30 Return to Trogir/Split
Tour is also available from any other Central Dalmatian location on request


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