Hvar party boat tour

The vibe of a real summer party tour is just a wave away!

Price per person


PRICE INCLUDES: luxury speed boat, private captain, sailor/cocktail lady, cocktails on board (2 per person), tasty homestyle lunch (fish or meat), private party guide, group discounts and early booking discounts

IMPORTANT INFO: Departure time from Hvar is 2:30 am the next day. You should be at the meeting point at 2:00am. In case you are not there by 2:30, the boat will have to leave without you. It is not the end of the world though, there are big catamaran ferries going to Split a few times a day!

You will get an emergency phone number which you should use only in case of an emergency.

Pickup location: Split, Matejuška port
Max Persons: 20


If you are looking for words that would perfectly describe partying at its best in Croatia, the answer would definitely be – HVAR party boat tour! Whether you are looking for pure enjoyment while cruising around and swimming in mysterious hidden bays of the Adriatic coast, or you want to know what if feels like to welcome the sun rise on the island of Hvar while drinking cocktails in some of the most popular beach bars on the coast, Hvar party boat tour is just the right thing for you! If you are having second thoughts, check out our excursion offer and see if there is a tour that fits your needs better.

How long does the party last? All day and all night! Starting at 10am and lasting until the next morning – this party tour Hvar is only for the toughest party animals! Do you think you can handle it?! Then come and join us and become a part of an irreplaceable Hvar adventure!

***Carpe Diem/Carpe Diem Beach

“This place isn’t just a bar. Oh, no, honey – it’s got its very own freakin’ party island! Carpe Diem Bar, smack bang in the middle of the port, is where the pretty party people of Hvar can be found sipping on something bubbly from around midnight every night. There’s even a MIP (most important person) section where it’s only the likes of Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Prince Harry who work their way in there. At 1am the Carpe Diem boat enters the scene and takes party people from the bar to the island. This is where things get real. You’ll be greeted with fire, palm trees, swimming pools, world-famous DJs, St Tropez style white lounges, outrageous dancers – the whole shebang. It’s epic.”

***Hula Hula Beach Bar

“No matter what day it is, come 6pm Hula Hula, situated on Hvar’s rocky coastline, goes mental. Everyone on the island flocks to the rocks to watch the sun sink into the Adriatic. It is the island’s best sunset spot. People even cruise in on their yachts from surrounding islands to anchor up and swim to shore for the party, it’s that good. It’s a straight from the beach “swimsuit-chic” kind of place, and anything goes. There’s a friendly vibe (sometimes too friendly, hey boys?!) so prepare to have a new party gang in no time. Grab something strong from the bar (the Negroni is a guaranteed pleaser) and either kick back on the loungers, join the party animals and get in to the Euro dancing vibe or, hell, even get naughty and strip off and jump in the sea.
No wonder this is the most popular bar on the island, this place has it all: beats, boys, bikini-clad beach babes and booze. Start here at 6 and whatever your original intentions were, every night will become party night. You have been warned!”



10:00 Meeting point – Split, Matejšuka port
10:15-11:30 Boat ride to the island of Hvar in a luxury speed boat, cocktails for everyone!
11:30-12:30 The town of Hvar – an informative walk through the town with the crew showing you all the best party places and sharing some useful tips!
12:30-14:30 Short trip to Paklinski Islands, swimming in one of the most beautiful hidden bays, sun bathing, relaxing, another cocktail!
14:30-16:30 Lunch time! Amazing homestyle Croatian food, meat and fish menu (decided in the morning at the meeting point)
17:00-21:00 Hula Hula Beach Bar!*** Drop-off at the most famous beach bar in Hvar for a day party and a spectacular must see sunset. Let the fun begin!
21:00-21:30 Pick-up, short trip back to the town of Hvar
21:30-02:00PARTY ALL NIGHT! Free time in Hvar for dinner if needed, then party till you drop!
02:00-04:00 Gathering at the meeting point in Hvar and a smooth night ride to Split. Drop-off in Split harbor at 4am, bed time or more clubbing in Split? - the choice is yours :)
04:00 Drop-off in Split, Matejuška port
Carpe Diem***, Veneranda, hotels Adriana and Amfora, Kiva Bar, Pink Champagne, Carpe Diem Beach***


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