Blue Lagoon and Šolta full day experience

Visit the Blue Lagoon and the island of Šolta for a perfect chill day and enjoy mesmerizing colors, picturesque villages and Dalmatian heavenly cuisine.

Price per person


PRICE INCLUDES: boat ride, professional skipper, fuel, safety gear, snorkeling gear, insurance

Tour is available from any other Central Dalmatian location on request.

IMPORTANT: Tamaris Charter holds the right to cancel the excursion due to bad weather or insufficient number of clients for the selected date. In case of tour cancellation you will be offered to join the same tour on a different date (subject to availability) or a full refund will be issued.

Pickup location: Split riviera, Trogir riviera
Max Persons: 12


Embark with us on our Blue Lagoon day trip and visit the Blue Lagoon, as well as the island of Šolta and experience pure relaxation, while enjoying mesmerizing colors, picturesque villages and Dalmatian heavenly cuisine.

Blue Lagoon (Krknjaši)

“Wow, look at the colors, it looks out of this world!”- is what you will probably think when seeing the Blue Lagoon for the first time. OK, maybe you will phrase it differently, but that will be the general idea you will get if you book our boat trip to the Blue Lagoon from Split or Trogir. Two guard-like islets enclose the bay which gets its amazing turquoise color from the combination of crystal-clear sea and limestone sand. With conditions ideal for snorkeling and other water activities, fun is simply guaranteed.

Olive town (Maslinica)

The Blue Lagoon and Šolta boat tour continues in the town of Maslinica. You will get well-acquainted with the Croatian term fjaka, that represents the state of mind and soul in which time has no value and relaxation is a top priority, and which best describes Maslinica (other than the olive oil, obviously). An island of fishermen, known for its natural pine forests, olive trees, vineyards and blissful peace is worth checking out.

Oldest port (Stomorska)

We will then take you to see the oldest settlement on the island of Šolta, where people are so friendly that “everybody knows your name“, and will immediately make you feel like you are one of their own. That is why we have decided to make it the final stop on our excursion to the Blue Lagoon and Šolta.

You might even want to participate in the tugging of Mrduja, since, well, you are already a local on Šolta. The people of Milna and Stomorska literally tie their boats to each side of Mrduja (a small islet geographically located between Brač and Šolta) and try to pull it to their side. The winners are awarded ownership of Mrduja for the year. It happens only once a year, so there`s something to think about for your next visit to the Adriatic, in case you miss it this time.

Tip: We suggest trying homemade jams and liquors from organic fruit, such as figs, lemons, oranges or carob.

Biggest bay (Nečujam)

A slow 15 min boat ride from Stomorska to Nečujam with your belly full of delicious Dalmatian food will probably make you feel sleepy, until you see a big shadow under the water in Nečujam’s innermost cove! Just two meters under the surface, we will find and old sailing boat that sank after a big storm a decade ago. Grab your snorkeling gear and jump in to explore this mysterious and thrilling site.

If our Blue Lagoon day trip is not what you are looking, we offer other sea excursions, so, hopefully, you will find something for yourself.


9:00Departure from Trogir/Split
9:30 – 11:30Arrival to the Blue Lagoon, small tour around the islets, swimming/snorkeling
11:45 – 13:00Maslinica, relaxing coffee/ice cream break
13:30 – 14:30Nečujam, snorkeling over the shipwreck
14:45 – 17:00Stomorska, lunch time
17:45 Return to Trogir/Split
Tour is also available from any other Central Dalmatian location on request


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