Blue Cave the smart way – no waiting in lines for hours

Visit the magnificent Blue Cave without waiting in line for hours, explore the secret Medvidina Cave, take a selfie in front of Stiniva Bay, dive into the blue oasis at the island of Budikovac and cap off your day with Dalmatian heavenly cuisine on Hvar.

Price per person


PRICE INCLUDES: boat ride, professional skipper, fuel, safety gear, insurance

IMPORTANT: Tamaris Charter holds the right to cancel the excursion due to bad weather or insufficient number of clients for the selected date. In case of tour cancellation you will be offered to join the same tour on a different date (subject to availability) or a full refund will be issued.

Pickup location: Trogir riviera, Split riviera
Max Persons: 12


The Blue Cave has suffered the faith of becoming an extremely popular and busy summer destination. Waiting in lines is one of the downsides of almost every Blue Cave boat tour, but we have managed to avoid it. You don’t believe us? We promise to still take you to visit all the cool places in our Blue Cave excursion from Split/Trogir. You will get to see the magnificent Blue Cave without waiting in line for hours, explore the secret Medvidina Cave, take a selfie in front of Stiniva Bay, dive into the blue oasis at the island of Budikovac and to end the perfect day on Hvar.

I am sure that we can agree that, at the end of the day, it’s not about how many attractions you have seen, it’s about how much fun you’ve had. We advise checking out our excursion offer to choose a day trip that you find the most interesting.

Medvidina Cave

How would you like to see one of the last known habitats of the Mediterranean monk seal? Sounds like a good alternative to wasting your time queing to see the Blue Cave, doesn’t it? That is why we will make our first stop in the Medvidina Cave. The inside of the cave is extremely dark, but you will then discover a small sandy beach at its very end. You might want to bring a GoPro and a headlamp to fully enjoy the scenery.

Blue Cave

Our Blue Cave boat tour would be a scam without actually seeing the Blue Cave, one might think. Don’t worry, we will take you to explore the spacious, blue and simply spectacular wonder of nature. You have seen it in pictures many times, it pops out on every Google search mentioning Croatia. It is even more beautiful than in the pictures. However, wasting a whole day of your vacation just to spend a few minutes inside the cave is, in our opinion,  not worth it. That is why we’ve planned our day tour to go around the crowds and seize the day to its fullest.

Stiniva Bay

We will take you swimming in a “beach inside a mountain”, to which the boats are not allowed to enter. The Stiniva bay is unique due to its characteristic tiny sea entrance between high monumental rocks. Definitely worth checking out!

Budikovac Blue Oasis

A cold beer in a shallow sandy bottomed area covered with crystal clear warm water that forms a safe playground for the kids and a true chill spot for the adults? Pop one open!

Milna (Hvar)

We will then hop on the island of Hvar, or an old fishing settlement Milna to be more precise, to continue exploring secluded bays and beaches. What would you say if we made you an offer you cannot refuse – a traditional Dalmatian meal, the best local wine and delicious desserts – all brought to you while you are sitting on a terrace by the sea enjoying the sound of the waves?  We are pretty sure “Mali Onte” is the restaurant for you! *Note: lunch is not included in the price.

The town of Hvar

Time for some history and culture. Our next stop is the ancient town of Hvar. You will get to see the city walls and the fortress Fortica that has been protecting Hvar for hundreds of years – you can even climb it and enjoy the breathtaking view of the bay and the surrounding islands.

Wander the cobbled streets of Hvar and you might find one of the oldest theatres in Europe dating from 1612, an approximately 50-years-younger Benedictine convent, the City Hall, the town square or St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

But the old buildings are not what brings the crowds in Hvar. Cafes, bars, night clubs and restaurants are what attracts numerous young people. The town offers a perfect combination of hanging out in cafes in the afternoon and checking out architectural attractions that serve as a chill warm-up for crazy parties you can find on every corner.


08:00Departure from Trogir/Split
09:30Quick stop at Mezoporat to buy tickets for the Blue Cave
10:00 - 11:00Exploring the Medvidina Cave (*bring water resistant light if possible)
11:15 - 11:45The Blue Cave tour
11:45 - 12:30Panoramic cruise towards Budikovac, a short stop in Stiniva Bay
12:30 – 13:15Budikovac Blue Oasis – chilling time
14:00 – 16:00 Milna (Hvar) – lunch time
16:15 – 17:30The town of Hvar– free time
Tour is available from any other Central Dalmatian location on request


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