Walk the streets of Trogir and experience its vibrant atmosphere.

Get lost in the knotted and mazelike streets of a small picturesque town of Trogir set within medieval walls. If you manage to find your way to its seaside promenade, you` ll get a chance to enjoy numerous bars, cafes, and yachts during the summer. Its profuse collection of Romanesque and Renaissance architecture (which flourished under Venetian rule) is what makes Trogir stand out among other Dalmatian towns. All of that plus its magnificent cathedral, earned Trogir the World Heritage status in 1997.

Take a day trip from Split to a relaxing little town and explore its nearby islands.

Interesting facts: Trogir`s old town is located on the island of Čiovo, so you have to cross a bridge to visit it.

What to do to get stunning pics:
– find one of the town`s numerous arc passages
– climb the Kamerlengo tower and get a spectacular panoramic view