No time

Once you get here, forget about the time

A modern country with modern features, yet Croatia embraces a laid-back vibe. You can experience the best of both worlds: a fast-paced city atmosphere with the ambiance of a relaxed coastal town. It won`t take you long to realize that Croatians spend a lot of time drinking coffee in the sun. It will take you even less time to join them in their favorite pastime. Whether you`re taking a break of sightseeing in one of the numerous cafes in town centers or chilling at a beach and have a craving for an afternoon cocktail, Croatia has it all figured out. Then when the night comes, you just casually switch to a beer or a glass of wine and you`re good to go. Probably to a party, because what else to do when the sun goes down? Just kidding, if you feel like your relaxed day deserves a proper ending, you can always welcome the sunrise on the beach with your favorite people.