The food is to die for

Croatian food is a delectable combination of classic Mediterranean and Italian flavor with a new-world twist. Croatia is known for its impeccable wine selection, since the country’s climate is perfect for wine-growing. Numerous vineyards along the Dalmatian coast support this fact. Grilled fish, octopus, shrimps, and the famous black risotto are merely a few Dalmatian dishes you just have to try. Don`t worry if you`re not a fish person, there is something for everybody’s taste. For example, prosciutto and Pag cheese make a perfect combination, followed, of course, by Croatia`s finest red wine (white wine is recommended to the aforementioned fish lovers).

There are modern fusion restaurants, pizzerias and traditional konobas practically on every corner of every town in Dalmatia. If you are, on the other hand, more of a DIY person and want a proper Dalmatian meal, go to a fish or vegetable market, bargain with the local venders for a better price and prepare your own dish. Sometimes a home-cooked dinner is better than a night out in an elite restaurant.